Monday, September 2, 2013

Solvang, CA


A small city located in Santa Barbara county founded in the 1900s by a Danish colony. 
Half timbered buildings with numerous bakeries, restaurants, winery and shops offer a taste of Denmark in California. 

We visited the city during Labor Day weekend just for one day trip and had a good time walking around the unique city. Danish pastries are so good! And got to have the cheese Danish and butter cookies again when we are back here next time! They are delicious! 

famous pancake house; crowded with customers

paula's pancake house
The line was about 45 min so we went to another nice brunch place next door:
Succulent Cafe and Wine Charcuterie 

pancetta biscuit sandwich 

one hour waiting for food after order 

french toast
To digest all the sugar we had.. we walked around the neighborhood quite a bit but under hot weather.. next visit will be around winter.. for sure...

Christmas ornaments shop

Mortensen bakery 

pet shop

gift shops

We found a gallery of Thomas Kinkade works. He is one of my favorite American painters and my favorite painting of him is Hyde Street and The Bay - San Francisco. I loved this place. We were not allowed to take pictures inside so I am posting some of the postcards we got :) 

from the gallery

coffee break? 

There are numerous places to see, eat and drink; and activities like family bicycles, golf, camping, horse carriages. This is a nice family oriented place for a weekend getaway ;) 

wine tasting?
another bakery found! i love it

display cupcakes

pizza tower 



tea bag holders


Pictures taken with Canon S110

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