Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gundam modeling

Gundam was a word I never heard of before or may be I did but never pay attention to it until I met my husband.  (Have you heard of it before? If you haven't, FYI here is a reference)

My husband's hobby is gundam modeling. A gundam modeler is a person who paints parts of a gundam kit and assembles the structure. The complete process requires time, skills
and patience. The kit contains individual packaged sheets of multiple distinct pieces. These pieces have to be cut out from the sheets, clip off extra nubs with side cutter, sand down remaining stumps to smooth out, place them in order, air brush or spray with lacquer, dry, paint for gradation, cover with masking tape the area where another color would go on top, dry, build the frame by putting together the pieces into the right places, apply sticker, assemble the outer body, apply decals (another fine etching sticker), panel and… ta-da? Ta-da! I am sure the order, number of procedures, and the choice of words vary and are not fully professional, but.. indeed I got to know a LOT. 
Not to mention there are different types of kit, and depending on that building the plastic model could be more or less complex.

My husband got talents. I am sure his hand and eye coordination stands out from average people.
When he showed me gunpla models and explained me the process of making one, I overlooked the intricate details behind the procedure. 
Watching him building one, I could not help but look up to him. He knows what he likes to do, and he does it well with focus and passion.
To do this, you not only have to like the figures, but hand skills, artistic talents, concentration, patience and more patience are essential. 
I thought I was a person with good hand skills and patience… I realized I am not after seeing him making these teeny tiny detailed time consuming complicated extravagant works of art. 
So far, I haven't seen anyone having so much enthusiasm on a hobby and I truly admire people who has that kind of emotion. I do not mean being crazy about something neither just passion in words, but an emotion where true appreciation is felt, fulfillment is achieved, and continuous dedication is not missed. 
He has great works. He even won a prize this year on a competition sponsored by Bandai. 
You can check out better pictures and details on his blog or instagram. 
I also posted some few shots from my point of view
for you to check them out!

Pictures taken with Canon S110

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