Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brunch spot - Mama's Secret

tea lover

I've been busy organizing my old diaries, notes and books from college where I used to store at my parents house. They moved to a smaller place so I had to pack all my remaining stuff and moved these to another storage. Looking old diaries and notes I realized I was a
young dreamer but at the same time always focused and busy aiming goals studying, working, volunteering, networking, researching, and so on. Now that I look back,  my early 20s were productive years dedicated to develop myself into a "better" person. Well, I don't want to go into details of defining what is to become a "better person" because it's a very subjective matter. During the last two weeks of back and forth packing and moving, I felt I was concluding another stage of my life. I figured a new chapter has begun and I wasn't setting up goals as much as before. This weekend was a spark of realization of dreaming fresh and setting new objectives as long as I can and I am allowed to because dreaming is literally free.     

Autumn finally came and the awesome L.A. weather of warm sunny dry with cool breeze is at it's peak. After finishing moving my old belongings, eating out for brunch on a weekend like this was perfect! In the nice neighborhood of many brunch spots in Mid-City West, I found Mama's secret ideal for breakfast and brunch. The Turkish kitchen with courteous attentive staff and owners reminded me of Turkish meals during lunch time in New York City (another long story). Loved it!
bright distinctive entrance

artistic deco

friendly staff
sports T.V.

loving the menu 

peaceful environment 

diverse tea selection

Turkish Serpme Breakfast

so much food~

Which one should I start with?

fruit jam

biscuits/Turkish sausage with poached egg/honey & kaymak

pom & petals tea *

Grilled chicken salad sandwich and mixed green salad

black & green olives/cucumber & tomatoes/feta & Kashkaval cheese

delicious breakfast & brunch menus - to be revisited
Mama's secret

Pictures taken with Canon S110

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