Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wedding at Smog shoppe

Last Sunday was my friend's wedding. 
my high school friends are getting married one by one, and she was one of our last friends to get married. Its been about 10 years we graduated from high school, and from last year to current, as if we were lined up for it, each of us are finding the other halves and tying the knot. 
  Ceremony and reception was held in Culver City at a place named Smog Shoppe.  
Very trendy, casual kind of venue.
The decor was very hip and we loved all the succulents and greenery at the venue. 
The wall of greenery created a gorgeous backdrop to the place.  The seating for dinner was cozy and intimate, and we really enjoyed being able to hear and be part of the event.  The quirky decor made it more memorable and fun
I took some shots and wanted to share the precious moment we had together. 
Sharing pictures of moments where laughs and love were present.

open bar
bride busy greeting

green backdrop
professional photographer on duty

guests chilling out after ceremony

pictures taken with polaroid camera

my husband and I
healthy menu choices from the bride - main dish: steak & shrimp with quinoa salad

maid of honor's touching speech

ping pong tables

eclectic, antique yet urban deco 
spacious area with dance floor

loved the icecream!
salted caramel & mint with cacao nibs

Funny face

cute couple contemplating their cake

lovely souvenir - "Spread the Love" Pom-Berry & Merlot Jam 
we had red velvet cake with some organic green tea

Final event - bouquet tossing 

Pictures taken with Canon S110

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