Thursday, August 29, 2013

linguine alle vongole

Clams are found year round in canned, frozen and fresh, and usually they are less expensive in warm weather season. Last weekend, fresh manila clams were available in the market so I bought some to make the all time favorite light pasta. 
linguine alla vongole

Out of those pasta dishes, I consider vongole the most erratic dish to make. The procedure itself is straightforward but to get the real flavor of that juicy rich of the vongole into the linguini is not that simple. Every time it is made I taste different flavor. Proportion of ingredients really matters in this dish. 

I usually follow this recipe

To make the meal takes about 40 min or less and with a company of garlic bread, pickles (or even kimchi) and a good Pinot Grigio completes a dinner table for a lazy Sunday evening. Try it!

fresh manila clams
When I buy the clams, I wash them in cold water as soon as I get home and leave them for 20 min or so in a bowl of water and salt so the clams expel excess sand that's been inside. And then, rinse with running water. I try not to leave the clams in salt water for too long to avoid loss of their original juice.

lovely red and green color

fresh garlic
Just personal preference, 6-7 cloves of garlic added instead of four

california pinot grigio

naked friendship kind of wine?

tomatoes and avocado for starter

chopping with disposable gloves to avoid my hands smelling garlic

olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes, and clams

linguini fini

parsely at the end

smells right~

steam rising

with home made pickles and kimchi kk 


garlic bread toasted

'can i have some, too?'

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